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It's kind of a big deal...Dubuque Fighting Saints host Ron Burgundy night

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Friday evening the Dubuque Fighting Saints held a Ron Burgundy night in honor of the television news anchor from the movie Anchorman and Anchorman 2.

During Ron Burgundy night, the crowd could participate in Anchorman movie trivia as well as different intermission contest focusing on some of the movie's key moments. For the evening, the Dubuque Fighting Saints also changed the name of the Dubuque Fighting Saints Hall of Champions to the Dubuque Fighting Saints Hall of Champ,In honor of one of the movies main characters.

Although Ron Burgundy himself was invited by officials at the Dubuque Fighting Saints, he did not show up. But the officials with the Dubuque Fighting Saints did hold a suite for Burgundy just in case he decided to make the trip to Dubuque.

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