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Iowa cold cases: Loose ends with no resolution -- yet

Cold cases bare a chill, but a long list of unsolved crimes statewide isn't freezing over.

There are hundreds of cold cases in the state of Iowa, with 28 in Black Hawk County alone.

One of the oldest unsolved mysteries is that of a Waterloo case from 1908. Others are fresh in the mind, happening just in the last year.

Division of Criminal Investigation agents said two main challenges they face in solving cold cases are time and resources.

"I have three cold cases that I currently have assigned to me, but all from the 1970s," said agent Jack Liao. "With that, we have to be able to work those cases in conjunction with the current cases that we pull on a weekly basis."

Agents said there is a glaring discrepancy between crime television shows and their everyday work, noting it takes more than 60 minutes to sift through "bad information."

"Any information needs to be vetted out, any investigative lead needs to be vetted out," Liao said. "Depending on what witnesses say, those kinds of things just take time."

Due to advancements in forensics, more cases can be solved today than they could 40 or 50 years ago.

Nevertheless, loose ends harbor closure that both families and investigative agents so badly long for.

More information about Iowa cold cases can be found at as well as on the Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers web site:

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