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Waterloo Black Hawks aim to keep players frosty


The Waterloo Black Hawks have won four in a row and 8 of their last ten games..But Head Coach P.K O'Handley and his staff is always trying to find creative ways to keep the players razor sharp.

  Now near the end of practices on the day before games--The Black Hawks play a game within a game---A shootout involving all of the players trying to score at each end of the ice against Goalies Cal Petersen or Mathise Israelsson. And what makes this competition unique is that there is only "one loser".

On this day the competition is fierce-- and after dozens of shots---- surprisingly----the only two players that have failed to score--are both forwards--Austin Vieth and Zach Sanford.
On his next try Sanford makes his shot----while Austin Vieth is denied----- and there waiting for him is an unmarked can of Mystery Meat!!!

The competitive shootout is all done in good fun and team building--and from what I could observe no animals nor humans were harmed during this exercise.

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