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EXCLUSIVE: Hunters talk about finding cousins' bodies

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Kevin Dramstad said he went fishing at Seven Bridges Wildlife Area in Bremer County multiple times, but on Dec. 5, his family decided to go hunting there.

That day is a day they will never forget.

Dramstad, his step-mother Amanda Miller and Miller's husband had been hunting at the park for about two hours when Dramstad came upon human remains.

"It didn't really cross our mind until after the highway patrolman had showed up and he had made a phone call," Dramstad said. "He said something over the phone about, 'I think we found the girls.'"

Miller said her family actually helped with the initial search for Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins of Evansdale, but she never thought they would be the ones who found the cousins. 

"I had just prayed and prayed that somebody out there would find them as the hunters would, but never in my wildest dreams thought it would be us," said Miller. 

Dramstad said he felt as though God led them to the place the girls' bodies were. 

"While we were in the moment, everything just seemed so surreal while it was taking place," Dramstad said. "I almost felt as though I was being led someplace before I actually stumbled on the remains of the girls. It was just a really unearthly feeling, I guess, about the whole situation."

Miller said the family went back on the day of the anniversary of the girls' disappearance -- July 13.

They said the past year has been a really tough year for their family. Dramstad even missed two months of work.

Miller and Dramstad do say one thing is certain: They don't have words for whoever did this to Lyric and Elizabeth.

"There's no understanding why they would do something like this," Miller said. "These were innocent young children. They couldn't do no wrong to hurt anybody else, so why would you do this to them?"

The three hunters say they never received any reward money. If they were offered it, Miller said they would have put it toward a memorial for the girls.

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