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Duct-tape artist uses proceeds for presents for cancer patients


Cecelia Kearney-Lopez of Elk Run Heights is quite the duct-tape artist.

"I make girl wallets, boy wallets, lanyards; I make pens, laptop cases, purses," said Kearney-Lopez.

The 12-year-old first learned about duct tape creations from her neighbor.

"She was making flower pens, and she taught me how to do that," Kearney-Lopez said. "Then the rest I learned on my own."

Kearney-Lopez doesn't follow any instructions or kits, and she's already taken dozens of orders.

"My family, teachers and students at school," she said. "I sold a few to my neighbors."

The Bunger Middle School student came up with Cil's Amazing Duct Tape Creations to raise $500 to buy gifts for children with cancer.

Kearney-Lopez herself had cancer as a baby.

"At 13 months she quit walking, she couldn't hold her head up, couldn't even drink a bottle," said her mother, Tara Kearney.

Kearney said her daughter was diagnosed with cancer and an ataxia syndrome.

With the ataxia syndrome, Kearney-Lopez does have some learning disabilities and attends special education classes, but she's doing things doctors never thought were possible.

"They weren't sure if she'd be able to walk, talk, what would come out of this," said Kearney.

Kearney-Lopez said she wants to buy board games and dolls for children at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital in Iowa City.

She plans to deliver the presents on Christmas Eve.

"She's the most giving person I've ever met," Kearney said. "She has a good, kind heart and sticks up for what she believes in."

Kearney-Lopez said she just believes in giving back to other children battling cancer.

Kearney-Lopez said, at this time, she is not taking any new orders.


This story was updated at 3:40 p.m. Monday to correct the name of Cecelia Kearney-Lopez.

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