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Waterloo Police believe recent violence connected to same group

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After a shooting at Flirt's Gentleman's Club, Waterloo Police now think there's a link between several recent acts of violence.

Police first responded to a report of shots fired outside Flirt's on Saturday morning. Waterloo Director of Safety Services Dan Trelka said authorities believe this incident involves the same people that shot a killed 18-year-old Dae'Quan Campbell two weeks ago.

Trelka said it's common for crimes like this to be linked to the same people.

"If we took all the acts of violence involving firearms in this past years, we could probably establish a nexus between most of them," Trelka said.

He went on to say they believe the subsequent shooting of a home, as well as a suspected arson were likely connected to the same group as well.

There is also new information about Campbell surfacing. He was first shot on Langley Road, but now, Trelka confirmed to KWWL that Campbell has been named in another incident report, this time as suspect. According to the victim's complaint, Campbell and several other people broke in the door of a home in Waterloo, in addition to causing other property damage.

When asked if the recent string of violent acts were linked to gangs, Trelka said he couldn't confirm that, but it wasn't off the table.

"For years I think people have had the belief that there are no gangs in Waterloo," he said. "Well in any city of our size there are gangs, and the way I describe a Waterloo gang member is they're Miller Light. Your gang member in Chicago, they're full blown Miller, full-bodied Miller."

Trelka said he uses that description because he feels Waterloo gangs are less organized, but that it doesn't mean they can't still cause trouble.

The Campbell murder investigation is ongoing, but they have a suspect and are moving forward.

Trelka said they don't believe Campbell's killing was retaliation for the accused property damage.

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