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Cold/flu season a little sooner than normal this year


It's cold and flu season again -- and just like falling temperatures and snow, it's come a little earlier this year than before.

Stacy Wagner, pediatrician at Waverly Health Center, says she's been busy ever since the start of this winter weather.

She says now she has 20 appointments a day with people who are sick.

"Cough, cold, standard winter illnesses, but also quite a bit of gastroenteritis or stomach flu," said Wagner.

Wagner says it's that time of year they prepare for an increase of patients.

She says people are getting sick because it's when everyone is inside sharing germs.

"It's usually children," Wagner said. "So children, of course, aren't potty-trained or aren't always the best at washing hands. Always very important to wash your hands after changing diapers or helping a child with a restroom."

Wagner says they do see this every year, but this time it came a little earlier than expected.

Experts say although it isn't much fun, staying home from those holiday parties may also be a way to go.

"Best not to cook for people within a couple days of being ill," she said. "Lots of hand washing, hand sanitizer."

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