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Matter of Faith: Guardian Kickboxing Academy

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Each Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., Fighterbody Fitness in Waterloo is filled with about 50 kids. The four to 18 year olds are part of the Guardian Kickboxing Academy.

"Our program is free to the community. It's our way of trying to give back," said Michael Powell.

Michael Powell usually teaches adults in his Fighterbody Fitness classes, but he started the Guardian program specifically for kids.

"I really like it. These kids are pretty nice," said Mattilynn Sinclair.

"It is very fun, and you get a workout out of it," said 11-year-old Teylor Rugger.

"We do community awareness projects, we do family relationship building, we do anti-bullying, and probably the biggest thing is self-confidence building that we try to instill," said Powell.

Powell teaches the importance of staying active and how to build self esteem. All while spreading a message of faith.

With the help of volunteer trainers, the kids learn basic kickboxing techniques and life lessons.

"He says no pushing, no fighting, and just stay how you are," said Mattilynn Sinclair.

The program is open to any child, but is especially geared toward kids who need focus, direction, or attention in their lives.

"So those hard to reach children are the ones we really want to see in our program more than anything," said Powell.

Michael Powell hopes the Guardian Kickboxing Academy can serve as a positive outlet for kids who may be struggling.

After kickboxing, the kids usually play a game and end with a prayer.

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