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Waterloo Police: Chronic nuisance bar must change

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There's no sign outside, but the patrons of Club 319 in downtown Waterloo are making sure no one misses this bar -- including police.

"September 8th ... we had 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14 officers there on just the 8th, when we had the stabbing down there," said Captain Tim Pillack of Waterloo Police.

14 officers in one night, and between the fights, assaults and the stabbing, police were there too often. So in September, the property was declared a "chronic nuisance," meaning police could bill the owner for their hours. Then, days later, there was a fight in front of the building -- involving sixty people.

Police billed the owner over $1300, and say this has to stop.

"If it does continue, what we want to do with the ordinance is what it's intended to do, is come with a plan with the owner of the business to make sure the crime activity goes down," Pillack said.

We wanted to ask the owners what they're changing, so we went to the Club 319, but nobody was there.

The building is registered to William Micou, Jr. He didn't answer our calls, so we went to the registered address in Waterloo, but no one was home.

We wanted to ask the operators what they're doing to stop all the issues.

We check back at the Club, a few hours later, still, no one there.

Police say they can't spend so much time on one area.

"Yeah it stretches our resources quite thin," Pillack said. "We only have a certain amount of officers working at any given time and obviously that many at one place makes it pretty thin on the streets."

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