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Two sexual assaults in one week reported on UI's campus


Within a week the University of Iowa's Public Safety Department received two reports of sexual assaults, but both parties decided not to report the incidents to law enforcement.

Monique DiCarlo, the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator says that's really not uncommon. She says victims report the incident, and during the investigation they become reserved, not wanting to report it to law enforcement.

She says sometimes they feel responsible for what happened.

"Many times they know the person, they're an acquaintance and they're still trying to make sense of how could this person I trust, do this to me," said DiCarlo. "We let that person, him or her, take the lead in making the decisions about reporting the concerns."

DiCarlo says research suggests one in four women will experience sexual assaults or attempted sexual assaults during their college years.

"18-26 year-olds are at a higher risk for experiencing sexual assaults, as well as other interpersonal violence concerns like dating violence and stalking," said DiCarlo.

Kelsey Knapp is a sophomore at the University of Iowa. She heard the news about the sexual assaults on campus and says it's raised concern for her safety.

"Personally when I'm with a group of friends I feel safe, but walking alone--a different story," says Knapp.

Brenda Randall is another student at the university, she says she notices shady activity at night on campus.

"I think more of a presence from the police would be helpful," said Randall. "More patrolling, you know the saying 'you can never find a cop when you need one,' there's not a lot of presence here on campus, at least I don't feel that."

The 2012 fall semester, DiCarlo says her office received thirty 30 reports of what could be sexual assaults. Seven resulted in an investigation by the university.

So far this fall semester, 21 assaults have been reported, with three resulting in an investigation by the university.

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