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School officials react to gas leak response


 Some parents are voicing concerns surrounding Monday's gas leak that caused two Waterloo schools to evacuate their buildings.

The concern isn't over the gas leaked itself, but the amount of time it took the district to communicate with the parents.

The gas leak was discovered at Hoover Middle School around 2:30 Monday afternoon. School officials decided since it was so close to dismissal time, they would just have the students get their things and head home.

Nearby Lou Henry Elementary, also evacuated, but since their dismissal time wasn't until later, school officials sent those students to a nearby church.

Parents tell KWWL it shouldn't have taken the school district an hour to notify them.

School officials say the information got to parents when they needed it.

"We were making the calls as effectively as we could once we were armed with the communication and the information that we needed to move forward. That then led to what is a disseminated robo call that takes time to disseminate, but one that at that point we could give the information, assuredly to parents your child is safe," said Tara Thomas, Director of School & Community Relations.

Thomas said actually that robo call got to Lou Henry parents prior to their let out time. This was so parents knew where to pick up students.

Thomas says they can always improve the process, but she says at the end of the day if every student is safe, then they have done their jobs.

Classes at Hoover Middle School and Lou Henry Elementary School went on as normal Tuesday.

Thomas says if there are still concerns with what happened Tuesday, her door is always open.

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