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Excellent Christmas tree crop despite dry weather

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Bob Moulds is gearing up for Black Friday. Not to go shopping, but it's opening day at the Wapsi Pines Tree Farm near Fairbank.

"The first morning we have one tree going out of here about every 45 seconds," said Moulds.

This tree guru has been doing this for some time now, planting his first trees in 1980.

He says this year is an excellent crop.

"I'd say this is the best looking group of trees that we've had for years," said Moulds.

Moulds say the drought last year was tough on the farm, many trees didn't grow out as well and they weren't as green as in years past.

"We lost about half of the fir trees we planted last year and some that were a little bit older. And we always plant about two trees for every one we're going to harvest so we can absorb that for a while but if you get two years in a row then it's more difficult," said Moulds.

Moulds said even this year's dry weather had the potential to impact them, but they took precautionary measures.

"We used a watering system so we watered them to save most of them this year," said Moulds.

Wapsi Pines Tree Farms is open the Friday after Thanksgiving and every weekend until December 15th.

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