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Great-aunt of shooting victim whose house was shot speaks out

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KWWL has learned that a shooting victim is related to the homeowner of the house that was shot up later that night, possibly providing a link between the two shootings.

KWWL's Shelley Russell spoke to the great-aunt of Daequan Campbell, 18, who died after being shot Thursday evening.

Ida Mae Roby, as well as being Campbell's great-aunt, is also the homeowner of a house that was shot at just after midnight Friday.

Roby told KWWL she ushered her three young grandchildren, one as young as 5 years old, into the basement when people began pounding on her door. They then began shooting at the house, according to Roby.

"It's just shattering through the doors, just 'boom-boom, boom-boom-boom,' just hitting off the walls," Roby said. "And all we could do was just scream and fall to the floor and just run, try to get somewhere."

"We didn't know where to go because, you know, bullets don't have eyes," Roby added. "But God was there."

Roby said she believed the people outside wanted to shoot someone inside the house.

"The doors don't matter -- these can be replaced," she said. "You cannot replace a life. A life is precious, and you take it away but you can't get that back. I want them to know that you cannot get that back. Life is a gift from God and then we abuse it."

Roby said she doesn't know who shot her house, but she thinks it's the same person or people who shot and killed her great-nephew.

"It's hard," she said. "I feel for all of us, 'cause it's senseless. It's senseless. It doesn't make sense. It really doesn't."

Neighbor Kyle Little says he doesn't understand the violence either.

"When you come out in the morning and one child asks why the cops are here, and another responds by saying, 'So nobody gets shot again' -- I mean, we just can't have our kids around that," he said.

Police believe the two shootings are related and are looking for one suspect.

Those with information about either shooting are asked to call the Waterloo Police Investigation Division at 319-291-4340.


Waterloo police are investigating shots fired at a home early Friday morning.

Police were called to the 1123 Columbia Street just before 12:15 a.m.

Officers found several bullet holes in the back door and in the kitchen window.

Authorities say two people were inside the home when it happened, but were not hurt.

Police say they are investigating if the incident is related to a shooting death in Waterloo earlier in the evening, around 4.5 miles south of this one.

The shooting death happened in the 1200 block of Langley Road just before 7 p.m. Thursday.

KWWL content manager Adam Amdor contributed to this report.

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