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Brain stem abnormalities found in SIDS babies

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Researchers have found brain stem abnormalities in those babies who have died of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, according to NBC News.

The study, out of Boston Children's Hospital, compared autopsies of babies who died between 1997 and 2008, many of whom died from SIDS.

These babies often slept in unsafe sleep environments, such as in bed with adults, or with their faces trapped in pillows.

Researchers, however, found problems in the brain stems of babies who died of SIDS, regardless of whether or not they were found in safe or unsafe sleep environments.

These abnormalities impair the ability to control breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature control.

Despite this new information, experts stress that safe sleep practices remain critically important.

This means putting babies to sleep on their backs, in a crib by themselves, with no pillows, blankets or stuffed animals.

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