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Waterloo mayor candidate Schmitt requests a vote recount

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Waterloo mayor candidate Steve Schmitt has requested a recount of Tuesday's votes in the 2013 municipal elections.

Schmitt sent an email to his campaign committee Friday morning which reads in part: "I have decided we are going to ask for a recount of the vote. Over the last couple of days I have had many calls and emails and my 'seasoned' supporters reminded me they went out in the crummy weather on Tuesday to cast their vote and they feel the virtual 50-50 split warrants a recount."

Black Hawk County elections officials canvassed the Waterloo vote on Thursday afternoon, showing Schmitt lost the mayor's race to Buck Clark by 87 votes.  Clark had a total of 4601, while Schmitt had a total of 4514.

Now that the request is filed, Schmitt and Clark will pick a representative as a witness, and must agree on a third person.  If the two cannot agree on a third person, one is selected by a judge. Schmitt can decide if the recount will be done by hand or machine.

In a statement on Friday, Clark said the following:

"The rules allow for a re-call at no expense to the individual for elections that are closer than a 1% margin.  Mr. Schmitt is exercising his right to ask for that recount.  I believe it is unfortunate that Mr. Schmitt has chosen this path but it certainly is his right to do so."

Clark added the margin was "very close," but an enormous amount to expect to make up in a recount.  He said, "I don't expect there to be a change in the results and I am moving forward leading Waterloo as I have done for the past four years."

In Waterloo a recount must be completed within 11 days of the canvass date, which means it must be finished by the close of business November 18th.

Steve Schmitt also requested a vote recount in the 2009 mayor's race, which Buck Clark eventually won.  An official canvass showed Schmitt lost that race by 50 votes.  The recount added 5 votes to winner Buck Clark's total.

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