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21 and over sees overwhelming support from voters


Voters decided once again that they want the 21-ordinance to stay and overwhelmingly so. 66% voted in favor of the 21-ordinance, that means that 19 and 20-year-olds will have to leave the bar at 10 each night.

Advocates say that the whole community benefits from the 21-ordinance. They believe the city is now safer and say crime statistics back that up. According to them, downtown is better with 21 in place and the neighborhoods near downtown benefit as well.

"The whole community benefits," said Tom Rocklin, 21 Makes Sense. "I think we're a safer, more vibrant, more diverse downtown and I think the neighborhoods around downtown are calmer and better places for families and students to live."

Two bar employees filed the petition to get this issue on the ballot. Their side said the 21-ordinance hurt downtown Iowa City's economy.

While this issue could come up again in the future, proponents say they hope that won't happen. Iowa City's charter allows for residents to petition ordinances every two years.

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