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Waterloo mayoral candidates face off before election

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In the race for Waterloo Mayor, incumbent Buck Clark is running against Steve Schmitt.

Schmitt is currently a City Councilman for Waterloo. Monday was the last chance for both candidates to get their messages out before voters head to the polls Tuesday.

The debate was sponsored by the downtown Waterloo Rotary chapter.

Schmitt has run against Mayor Clark previously in 2009. Now, the day before the election, both men said they feel confident. Asked how they stack up, Mayor Clark said he's running on his record, while Schmitt said he wants to bring his business experience to the position.

"I have proven myself, and I've proven that I can lead this city," Clark said. "We're moving forward. There's positive progress for this city, and we're starting to shed that old image that we've had for so long."

"You know I really do think it boils down to the different philosophies we've got on taxes and fiscal responsibility," Schmitt said. "Other than that, I think he and I agree on 90 percent of everything else. It's just a matter of how we pay for it."

Both men said a major issue for their campaigns has been the Waterloo budget, including property taxes. Schmitt has stressed that he thinks Waterloo taxes are too high, while Clark said cutting taxes would mean sacrificing vital city services.

When asked what they hope voters will remember tomorrow, the candidates had this to say.

"I hope that people remember that Waterloo is a good place to live and that we are moving forward and we are positive and that there are all kinds of positive things happening in Waterloo," Clark said. "It's growing under my leadership and I hope people remember that. I hope they vote to re-elect me tomorrow."

"I hope they remember that things are going really well in Waterloo," Schmitt said. "But there is this future coming and we're going to have some real fiscal challenges. I just think I'm better equipped to handle these based on my experience and I hope that that's what people remember when they go to the polls."

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