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Eastern Iowa birth mom shares emotional adoption journey in hopes to inspire others

November is National Adoption Month, a month where thousands of families across the country will finalize the adoption of their kids.

It's also a month where adoption advocates hope to spread awareness of the process and encourage others to adopt.

Callie (Mitchell) Chadderdon is a University of Iowa journalism student.

Last year, Chadderdon made national headlines when she openly shared her emotional experience as a birth mom via her online blog.

"When my story first came out I was getting hundreds of emails daily from birth moms who've given their children away and how they appreciated me talking about the struggle and how they can relate," said Chadderdon, who gave birth to her son, Leo, in December of 2012.

He now lives in Ohio with his parents.

Chadderdon said choosing his parents is a decision she is proud of.

She said she hopes others recognize that adoption is not a bad choice, rather a choice made of love to provide a child a better life.

Chadderdon's story can be found here.
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