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UW-Platteville students recreate 1970's murder scene

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The University of Wisconsin-Plateville held an annual educational exhibit called the Horrific Crime Scene Revisited Wednesday in Platteville. The exhibit is a re-created murder scene based off a murder that happened in Madison, Wisconsin in the 1970's. The scene was staged as accurately as possible using a mannequin.

The exhibit allows University of Wisconsin Platteville students and the public to make their way around the murder scene. The exhibit is designed to allow those to make their own determinations based on the forensic evidence that was presented.

Diana Johnson is an Assistant Professor for the UW-Platteville Criminal Justice Department's Forensic Investigation Program.

"They are going to look around and determine what is in fact evidence then when they go down to the basement in the police department set up they can determine if they were right in the items that they thought were evidence or was it not evidence at all." Johnson said.

Johnson says the crime scene is a great educational opportunity for UW-Platteville's criminal justice and forensic investigation students.

"For the forensic investigation and criminal justice majors this is as close to a real crime scene that they are going to get before they go out into the world and start their career." Johnson said.

This is the third year the University of Wisconsin Platteville has held the Horrific Crime Scene Revisited Exhibit.

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