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Bob & Pat Gross motivate and inspire others with weight loss efforts


66-year-old Pat Gross and 67-year-old Bob Gross started working out more than a year ago. Pat had recently recovered from knee surgery, and Bob said he was feeling "older."

"I used to have trouble getting off the couch because of my knee, and I started to feel hip pain," said Bob Gross.

The couple decided it was time to get active and live healthier lives. Six days a week they're at The Training Center inside Valley Lutheran School in Cedar Falls.

They often go from one class to another -- sometimes taking four classes a day!

"There's something about the atmosphere here. Everybody supports everybody, and you don't have to do everything just like everybody else does. There's a lot I can't do because of my knee I'm a little afraid yet, and that's okay," said Pat Gross.

So far, Pat has lost more than 90 pounds and Bob has lost 20 pounds. They're a big motivation and inspiration to other at The Training Center.

"They were kind of known as that old couple. People would talk about "that old couple," and say she (Pat) really looks like she's losing weight. So people noticed," said The Training Center Director Kay Cervetti.

Kay Cervetti said what stands out about the Pat and Bob is their ability to stick with it.

"It's been fun to watch. I got a card from her, and she said it's really neat because we're doing things we never thought we'd do," said Cervetti.

Pat and Bob Gross said they feel at least ten years younger.

"We're okay with being 66 and getting closer to 70 because we feel fine," said Pat Gross.

While they didn't set out to motivate or inspire others, it's exactly what they've done. Proving age is not a limitation.

The Training Center is a nonprofit gym. The 12 instructors are all volunteer. Membership is about $20 a year to help cover the cost of instructor training.

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