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Fall colors may not be as bright this year in eastern Iowa


This fall season has seen fluctuating temperatures, which is leaving many tree leaves not as bright as previous years.

Steve Pregler is the Dubuque City Forester. He says fluctuating temperatures have prevented sugar within some leaves to turn into those bright colors.

"When you start making your fall foliage trips up and down the Mississippi River especially, you are going to see color no matter where you are at, but it just may not be as brilliant," Pregler said.

But that lack of color is not preventing many sightseers from traveling along the Mississippi River to catch a glimpse of the fall foliage.

James Oltrogge lives in Westgate. Saturday, Oltrogge and his wife traveled along the Mississippi River to catch a glimpse of the fall foliage. He says it's a trip they make every year.

"The colors along here are better than they are out in the open. We went to Postville towards Prairie Du Chien and there just wasn't much in the way of color like there used to be," Oltrogge said.

Mary Beth Theis is the director of Guttenberg Development and Tourism. She says this year she has seen more leaf-lookers than last year. She believes it's because good weather has maximized the fall tourism season.

"It's great economic impact," she said. "On the hotels, motels, stores, convenient stores, and our shops. It's great all along the Great River Road."

Theis says she believes it's the view of fall foliage along the Mississippi River that brings many to the Guttenberg area.

"It's just a beautiful time of year up here along the Great River Road. All the way from Dubuque to Prairie Du Chien, Lansing, to the Minnesota border it is just beautiful," Theis said.

Pregler says he believe if freezing temperatures at night continue, instead of turning into bright colors the leaves will just continue to keep falling off trees.

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