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Gas prices continue to fall in Iowa

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Gasoline prices continue to drop all across Iowa, according to a survey released by earlier this week. The survey says the average retail gasoline prices in Iowa have fallen 2.0 cents per gallon in this past week. Although gas prices are falling, some are wondering why gas prices are so much higher in some parts of eastern Iowa.

Steve Lemon is the book keeper at Highway 20 Auto Truck Plaza in Dubuque County. He says he believes prices vary state to state and city to city for a number of reasons.

"I think there is some related to the freight that is involved, depending on where you get it but I think that a lot of it is, some cities it is just a lot more competitive market."

Lemon says at Highway 20 Auto Truck Plaza prices are set by comparing to competitors in the surrounding area.

"I think gas prices are higher in Dubuque are probably higher than many areas in Iowa, but their are some that might be similar." Lemon said.

Ed Faherty filled up the gas tank on his car Friday afternoon at Highway 20 Auto Truck Plaza. Faherty and his wife just came back from a trip where they traveled through many different states.

"My wife and I have just come back from a trip to Minnesota, we went to by the Canadian boarder and drove to Seattle and Portland and back. The farther we went west, the higher the prices." Faherty said.

According to, earlier this week prices were nearly 27 cents per gallon lower than they were one year ago.

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