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Athlete of the Week: Gabe Eiklenborg


For head coach Don Betts -- one word describes Dike-New Hartford's Game Eiklenborg

Betts: Gabe is a play maker.  The word that best describes Gabe is play maker."

In recent games -- Gabe showed exactly why he's gotten that label --

Two weeks ago against Hudson -- he got things rolling with a pick six in the Dike-New Hartford victory --

last week against West Fork -- the Wolverine senior grabbed a punt and took it back to the house not once -- but twice --

and came up just short of doing it a third time -- much to the disappointment of his teammates --

Eiklenborg: "Yeah, I tried.  Coach Betts told me if I got that one he'd give me a side bump, so I did my best, but I couldn't get that one back."

Gabe was a member of the Wolverine team that won a district title last season prior to falling to Iowa City Regina in the state semifinals --

Dike-New Hartford has again picked up right where they left off -- carrying a number 2 ranking -- an 8 and oh record -- while winning the district for a second straight year.

Eiklenborg: "Coach Betts told us that hadn't happened since the late 80's or early 90's, so that's a really good accomplishment, but we're not done yet.  We still want to go undefeated in the regular season and make a big run in the playoffs."

But whether it's his success on the punt team -- where he averages an incredible 32 yards per return --

on defense --

or as the Wolverines leading receiver -- Gabe Eiklenborg is quick to give the credit to anyone but himself --

Eiklenborg: "Punt return team had a great wall and all I had to do was run straight, so just give them props for that, and Carson just lays it in my hands and all I have to do is catch it for a touchdown, so give Carson Parker credit for that, too."

but there's no doubt -- at just 5 foot 9 -- Gabe has a bit to do with his own success as well --

Betts: "Gabe's one of those kids, he's a little undersized, but he's got a huge, huge heart.  Just can't say enough good things about what Gabe does and what he brings to our team."

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