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EXCLUSIVE: Murder victims' daughter shares story


The daughter of the two Manchester murder victims shared her side of the story in an exclusive interview with KWWL Tuesday, just one day after the killer changed his pleas to "guilty."

Isaiah Sweet, 18, shot his grandparents Rick and Janet Sweet to death on Mother's Day weekend of 2012 in the Manchester home he shared with them.

In a plea agreement Monday, Sweet pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder in exchange for serving his two sentences concurrently.

Angie Camlin is Janet Sweet's daughter, Rick Sweet's stepdaughter and Isaiah Sweet's aunt. She said she's satisfied Sweet pleaded guilty to the charges and now wants to see him spend the rest of his life behind bars.

"I don't understand how two people can be murdered and they never get to see daylight -- they're gone forever," Camlin said. "I just feel that justice would be that he got the same sentence, where he would not be free."

Camlin was present in the courtroom throughout Isaiah Sweet's trial, even when the prosecution showed incredibly gruesome and graphic crime scene and autopsy photos.

Describing Sweet's demeanor as he looked at the graphic crime scene and autopsy photos, Camlin said she "was not satisfied because I saw no remorse from him. I saw no conscience."

Camlin had Rick Sweet as a father figure since she was 11 years old, and said she misses both her mother and stepfather.

"If I could choose a mother, I'd choose her all over again," Camlin said, tearing up while talking about Janet Sweet.

The Sweets had been Isaiah's legal guardians for more than a decade, ever since Sweet's parents were unable to care for him.

"Anybody who was credible can tell you they were decent parents and decent people," Camlin said. "Not perfect, but they did their best."

Camlin said she didn't see any remorse from Sweet in the three days of testimony during his trial, which ended Monday with the plea agreement.

"I do not believe the plea agreement was because he 'manned up' to anything or that it was out of guilt, but to look better to the parole board in the future or for his sentencing," Camlin said.

In a video-recorded interview investigators conducted with Isaiah after his May 2012 arrest, the teen admitted to the killings, saying he hated his grandfather who Isaiah said was an alcoholic who verbally and emotionally abused him.

"I loved Rick," Camlin said. "When I was 17, I didn't like Rick that much either. It was hard to live with an alcoholic, but he was never abusive. Just wasn't a real happy person."

She said, instead, that it was Isaiah who was abusive. Manchester Police responded to the family home on multiple occasions for a domestic disturbance, but the Sweets never had Isaiah arrested.

"They loved him and protected him to the very end," Camlin said. "They didn't press charges against him because they didn't want anything on his record."

It came to light during the trial that investigators had discovered six images of child porn on the Sweet family's computer.

Camlin said, even though the images were accessed under Rick Sweet's account, his account was the only one under which anybody accessed the computer beside from a "guest" account.

She said she doesn't want her step dad falsely labeled as a pervert.

Camlin said even though Rick Sweet was an alcoholic, he never hit her and never hit Isaiah.

Isaiah Sweet's sentencing hearing is set for mid-December.

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