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Living in Fear: My Child is Being Bullied

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More and more children are going to school in fear... all because they are being bullied. Parents are left feeling scared and helpless.

One eastern Iowa father, who did not want to be identified out of fear of retaliation, is scared that something is going to happen to his young daughter. "My biggest fear is that my daughter is going to get hurt. She's already mentally hurt. But I'm worried that she's going to get hurt physically."

His daughter is teased, taunted and threatened. He and his wife reported the bullying to the school and authorities, but he says nothing was done. Days after reporting the incident, his daughter received an anonymous voice mail message from someone who vowed to get revenge.

"Everyone thinks because this is small town Iowa that nothing ever happens. Bullying is a major issue here in small town Iowa," the concerned parent said.

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