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C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter in Nashua offers forever home to cats with special needs

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Hundreds of cats have a forever home at C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter near Nashua.

C & W stands for Carmen Conklin and Wanda Orric. They're the co-founders of Rustic Hollow, which dates back to around 1985.

"We just started taking them in, finding them homes, getting spayed and neutered and it happened," said Carmen Conklin.

The shelter started with a "kat barn." Now, there are six buildings housing more than 300 cats from 30 states. The cats are deemed adoption challenged or unadoptable.

"We have cats with chronic medical, physical, neurological, behavioral issues. Cats with feline leukemia. We have an FIV building," said Conklin.

None of the cats are up for adoption. They're at the shelter forever, getting looked after daily by about 10 caregivers, including 20-year staffer Becky Caster.

"I help our vet tech with some meds, we do daily care: feed, water, cleaning litter boxes. Part of our role is to give animals love as we go along through our buildings," said Becky Caster.

The cats are put in buildings that best suit their needs, their medical conditions, and their personalities.

"They all have a past, and a lot have a past that isn't a great deal," said Caster.

Coco is just three months old and can't use her back legs. She came to Rustic Hollow from a shelter that couldn't care for her.

All the cats have home-like environments, including TVs and outdoor areas.

Besides caring for cats with special needs, Rustic Hollow also works to get pets spayed and neutered. Services are offered each month.

For more information on Rustic Hollow, click here.

Again, the cats are not up for adoption, but the shelter is always looking for volunteers, donations, and monthly sponsors for cats.

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