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Nursing mother with breast cancer denied mammogram

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Kellie Leasure is now enjoying time with her family. That's what she values the most now as she is fighting breast cancer.

"Little things that used to drive me crazy -- that laundry pile in the corner of the laundry room, or the dishes that the kids forgot to put away," Leasure said. "Those things cannot bother me right now."

What does bother Leasure, however, is the fact she didn't listen to her gut just a few years ago.

"I had felt a lump for probably the past two and a half years and I was told by two different doctors that it was scar tissue," said Leasure.

Leasure was even told by doctors she couldn't get a mammogram because she was nursing.

Chris Mattingly with Allen Hospital in Waterloo says even if you are pregnant or nursing, they can give a mammogram.

"Obviously we would like to wait until after the pregnancy is finished," said Mattingly. "While the woman's nursing, we absolutely 100 percent can do them, but we also can do them on a pregnant female if they're highly suspicious for it." 

Leasure's cancer was found late. The lump was 3.2 centimeters, and ten out of 12 lymph nodes were cancerous.

"Any woman out there who has any lump in their breast or they feel a swollen lymph node, get checked," Leasure said. "Get an ultrasound, get an ultrasound that day if you feel it. Ask your doctor and, if that doctor says no, find a new doctor."

Leasure, along with her positive attitude, exercise, and good diet, says she is going to beat this.

"My feet are planted on this earth," she said. "I have a story to tell. I have a journey to walk."

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