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Cedar Falls school district discusses shooter training

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A gunman at your child's school -- you hope it never happens, but it can.

Monday, the Cedar Falls school district met to discuss their plan of action in case of emergency.

"We're always reviewing our policies, our procedures and our plans to make sure that we are always providing the safest environment for students," said Dr. Andy Pattee, the Cedar Falls superintendent.

The district's new policy is called "Run, Hide, Fight." Previously, their main option was to put a school into lockdown if children were in danger.

They said Run, Hide, Fight gives students and teachers more options in a crisis.

"This has, again, been promoted by the Department of Education and supported by the Department of Education, as well as Homeland Security, as the best procedure possible in case you have an emergency on your campus," Pattee said.

The district started training teachers in September, and now, they're deciding what to tell the children.

The meeting was a chance for parents to add their opinions to the discussion. But some were upset that they weren't brought into the discussion earlier.

"I was frustrated coming in, with the fact that I think that some actions were put into place prior to further planning," said one parent.

The meeting was also a chance for the district to clarify misunderstandings about the new policy.

"Here is that misnomer: that there will be training for elementary students to fight. And this is not the case," Pattee said.

That's key, because even though they haven't solidified the details of the new plan, the district does know that the training will likely be adapted for different age groups.

They plan to only introduce the "Fight" options to students in the seventh grade and above.

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