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Navigating Through a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - Hearing the diagnosis, "You have breast cancer," is a nightmare for women of all ages.

The fight begins the moment that diagnosis is handed down.  That's why Covenant Medical Center has a Patient Breast Care Navigator on hand to help women through their treatment.

Mary Kramer, a Patient Breast Care Navigator, says she knows patients look to her for answers, support and comfort. "With them being emotional after getting the diagnosis, it's good to have another ear there to help them through the process. I don't want them getting lost in the system," said Kramer.

Unfortunately, the biggest risk factors are things we cannot control. 

Dr. Meghna Krishnan said, "the biggest risk factor is just being a woman and aging. I strongly stress annual mammograms and we can catch it early.

According to Krishnan, every woman should have a mammogram starting at the age of 40...unless you have a strong family history of breast cancer. If that's the case, you should start having mammograms at age 30.
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