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Treasures in the toilet: City officials remind people to think before they flush

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WAVERLY (KWWL) - City officials in Waverly are reminding people the only things acceptable to flush down a toilet are toilet paper and human waste.

Public Works Superintendent Brian Sullivan says despite advertising, no pre-moistened wipes are actually safe to flush into the sewer system.

"Anything that can go down a stool could be considered flushable. The problem happens after it gets flushed down if it doesn't deteriorate," he said, adding that some items like wipes and paper towels could be labeled as "flushable," but shouldn't be.

Sullivan said pre-moistened wipes, even if they are labeled as "flushable," can create blockages in sewer lines because it takes longer to deteriorate than toilet paper.

"It is a major problem," he said.

City employees said even small things like "flushable" wipes can create big problems, sometimes costing thousands of dollars.

But according to city employees, wipes aren't the only things clogging up sewer lines.

In an exclusive look inside Waverly's Wastewater Treatment facility, KWWL received a firsthand look at items collected after being flushed down a toilet.

"You have the wipes, toilet paper, we have found cell phones, IDs, jewelry, washcloths, toys. A lot of the stuff is accidental, some stuff is intentional depending on the situation," said Sullivan.

Sullivan said parents should keep a close eye on their children and teach them to only flush toilet paper.

"If it isn't toilet paper or doesn't come from a human, don't flush it down," he said.
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