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Iowans sound off on government shutdown

WATERLOO (KWWL) - The government shutdown has a lot of people asking questions over social media.
KWWL took questions submitted on its Facebook page to Rep. Bruce Braley, an Iowa Democrat, and Sen. Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican.
A frequent question was whether the Iowa lawmakers were keeping their paychecks or donating them elsewhere.
Marilyn asked, "Why do they get paid when they are not doing their job? They should all be fired...they are not doing their job. If they had real jobs in the world, they would all be fired."
Grassley said in a conference with media Wednesday that he puts his paycheck in the bank.
"I'm going to continue to work. I'm going to continue to be paid," said Grassley, who told reporters he has tithed for 30-40 years.
When KWWL's Shelley Russell posed the same question to Braley during a conference call Wednesday morning, he said, "The public is tired of these gotcha gimmicks. My focus is not on my own paycheck. My focus is on the paycheck of these furloughed employees at the Rock Island Arsenal, it's on the 1,000 Iowa National Guard employees who are being furloughed. I want this solved immediately so that the harm to Iowa's economy is stopped. That's what people expect of us now, not gotcha political games.
KWWL's Shelley Russell asked Braley again, "So, you're keeping your paycheck?"
Braley said, "I will be doing my job and expect my colleagues to do the same. And it's not on my paycheck that's the focus of this debate. It's putting people back to work that people in Iowa depend upon."
Larry asked why websites like NASA and the USDA were shut down.
"I think it's just ridiculous to shut down websites," he wrote on the KWWL Facebook page.
Grassley agreed.
"Why would you shut it down? Maybe it's another example of the White House saying we're going to make this shutdown of government very visible to people even if it doesn't meet the common sense test," said Grassley.
When Grassley and Braley were asked when the shutdown would be over, neither offered a concrete answer, although Grassley said he's hopeful a resolution can happen -- or at least begin -- Wednesday evening since the President invited leaders from the House and Senate to the White House for a conversation.
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