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1,100 in Iowa Nat. Guard to be furloughed if govt. shuts down


In Iowa, a partial government shut down could mean 1,100 National Guard employees would be furloughed starting Tuesday morning.

Col. Greg Hapgood says the last time the government partially shut down in the 1990s, they were forced to furlough employees.

He says about 1,100 full-time employees would be impacted if a continuing resolution isn't passed -- and that's half their workforce.

Who's impacted really depends on what program they work under.

For example, if they work for the state and are federally reimbursed, or a contract employee, they would be impacted. If they are active duty guard or reserve, they will not be impacted.

"Think about if you went without a paycheck," said Hapgood. "You have a family, home, you have a mortgage, you have car payments. You have every other bill that everybody else has. All of a sudden one day, you come into work and (they) tell you to go home; you won't be getting paid until further notice. That's the kind of effect it will have on 1,100 of our employees."

In the short term, Hapgood says a partial shutdown will affect purchasing and contracting that they may need to do their jobs.

The Iowa National Guard went through a government shutdown "drill" before in 2011. Colonel Hapgood says they were thankful a it didn't happen then.

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