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Healthcare professionals offer tips for coping with seasonal allergies


The Waverly Health Center has seen a large amount of patients dealing with seasonal allergies.

Janel Thompson, ARNP, said more than half of her patients this week have had allergy symptoms.

"We're seeing a lot of watery eyes, runny nose, a little increase in asthma, a lot of complaints about mucus and nasal congestion," said Thompson.

Thompson said seasonal allergies frequently lead to a secondary bacteria or virus.

"If you think about the environment that exposure to an allergen sets up -- watery eyes, congested nose, more mucus -- all of those things make a perfect environment for a secondary bacteria or virus to set in," she said.

Thompson said there likely won't be much allergy relief until the pollen counts decrease.

"It will get better when we get a good snowfall, and we have a ground covering so that the pollens and allergens just aren't floating around in the environment," said Thompson.

In the meantime, Thompson recommends people keep their windows shut in their vehicle and at home and make sure their air conditioner and furnace filters are cleaned out.

She also recommends if someone is exposed to an allergen, he or she uses a salt water solution.

"The seasonal allergies really are more high in their level from the time of five in the morning until about 10 in the morning. So avoiding being outside where the wind is blowing the pollens around during the morning time frame is one thing you can do," said Thompson.

Healthcare professionals at the Waverly Health Center said folks should contact their doctor with allergy symptoms if they get a fever, experience pain in their sinuses, have a cough or sore throat.

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