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UPDATE: Two killed in Waterloo mobile home fire

WATERLOO (KWWL) - Two people are dead after a mobile home fire in Waterloo.

The fire started around two Monday afternoon at a home in the South View Estates community, on Diamond Drive.

Witnesses said that they saw one man run out the front door, catch fire, then run back inside. Flames were reportedly coming out the front door at this point. The man’s body was recovered from the porch. Another body was found inside the home.

Waterloo Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Mike Moore said that it’s unusual for someone to re-enter the building while on fire.

“It’s kind of odd,” he said. “That’s why we’re taking [the investigation] step by step and trying not to miss anything.”

Crews worked throughout the afternoon to extinguish the fire. Members of the Drug Task Force were also on hand, but their involvement is unclear at this time.

Moore said that because there were two fatalities, investigators will work every possible angle.

“We just need to cover all our bases and make sure that if there was foul play, we don’t want to find something later on,” Moore said. “Until we know for sure we just have to go by the book.”

Neighbor Chris Oldfather was inside his home when he smelled smoke, and came outside.

He said the fire caught quickly.

”Just gouging flames, pure smoke,” he said. “You couldn't see nothing."

Since officials aren’t sure what caused the fire, after the fire was extinguished, they did obtain a search warrant to investigate the site.

They are testing the area for possible accelerates.

A nearby home was damaged by smoke. The heat of the fire also warped the siding. But beyond that, officials said the quick response kept the fire from spreading to other homes.

“It was getting hot on the other side, but we were knocking it down before the exposure was an issue, so it wasn't too bad,” Moore said.

The names of the two people killed have not been released. Their bodies will be taken to Ankeny for testing.

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