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Wapsie Valley School District implements "The Warrior Way"


Wapsie Valley Schools in Fairbank just held an all-school assembly to formally implement a new program called The Warrior Way.

"It's a way to get the entire school on one page and really focus on the attitude we should be having at school. Representing Wapsie Valley in a positive way," said student Crystal Kleitsch.

The Warrior Way is a blend of PBIS, or Positive Behavior Intervention Supports, and the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. It encourages students to be respectful, be kind, be responsible, and be safe.

"We want school buildings that adults and kids feel welcome in and feel safe and feel secure in and know positive things are happening," said Wapsie Valley Superintendent Chad Garber.

To roll out The Warrior Way program, UNI Assistant Basketball Coach Kyle Green and Wapsie Valley Grad and Upper Iowa Basketball Coach Brooks McKowen spoke to the students about being positive role models.

"There's a lot of people I know that have been through Wapsie and do it the right way and have been successful. If you do things the right way, if you work hard, if you're good to other people -- you're going to have a positive outcome," said Brooks McKowen.

The idea of The Warrior Way is to make sure students know what's expected of them: whether it's on the school bus, in the lunch line or in the halls. Staff and older students should set the example.

"I'll try my best to be a positive role model throughout the whole school," said Kleitsch.

Each week students will have a chance to talk about bullying during classroom meetings, but Chad Garber also wants The Warrior Way to extend beyond the walls of the school building.

"It's not just about our staff here, not just about students, but the whole community. We have Fairbank, Oran, Readlyn and Klinger," said Garber.

Hopefully The Warrior Way will be implemented at school, at home and in the community.

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