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Dunkerton School District remains in "Secure Situation" after gun found in student's bag

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The Dunkerton Community School District released a letter on its website stating the district's schools will remain in a "Secure Situation" until a student is apprehended for apparently having a weapon in his football gear bag Friday night.

The letter states in part, "We do not believe Dunkerton students are in jeopardy but are taking precautions to avoid anything negative. We are using the term 'Secure Situation' to describe the state we are in. Secure Situation means that our students will not be going outside for recess, P.E. or any other activities."

Superintendent Jim Stanton said the school will remain in a "Secure Situation" through Thursday, but that administrators will re-evaluate if activities can resume as normal on Friday.

Elementary Principal Dave Hlas told KWWL the district has implemented procedures to keep students safe.

He confirmed the student had not been apprehended as of Wednesday morning, but was unable to release the name, age or grade of the student. 

Stanton would not identify the student either, but said the student did have a gun in his bag, and that it was searched by school officials; however he would not elaborate on why the bag was searched in the first place.

As KWWL first reported, administrators of other schools said the student's bag was searched because the football player had left it on the bus after being taken to the hospital for an injury.

Hlas said the schools would remain in a "Secure Situation" until notified by Black Hawk County authorities to do otherwise.

The Black Hawk County Attorney's Office said it did receive paperwork about the pending case on Wednesday, and that the case will be handled by Assistant County Attorney Peter Blink.

Blink did not feel comfortable providing any details about what charges the student could face due to the ongoing investigation; he also would not confirm whether the student had actually been arrested.

Phone calls to the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office and the Dunkerton Police Department were not returned Wednesday.

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