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Dog attack victim opposes dog ordinance

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Vivien Brookman says me she felt like she was being eaten alive last Tuesday morning when she was attacked by three dogs.

She was on her morning walk a week ago when she was approached by the dogs. At the same time, she says one man was yelling at her to come inside his house.

"I took a step to go to the guy's house, and the dogs started growling at me and the two little ones bit me," said Brookman.

But the dogs didn't stop there.

"He got a hold of my face and I went down with it because I thought, 'He is going to rip off my whole face,'" Brookman said. "And I went down and they just kept biting and just kept biting and I just kept screaming."

Brookman is recovering at home and says she is lucky to be alive. She says it's all thanks to three young boys who tried to intervene while she was being attacked.

"They said they didn't, but they did -- they really saved my life," she said. "I want them praised and held in highest, and my heart bleeds for them."

And while Brookman is thinking about those boys, she is also thinking about the dogs who approached her that morning.

She says it's not the dogs that should be punished; instead, she said the owner should be punished. She says she opposes the pit bull proposal the City of Waterloo is talking about Tuesday afternoon.

"You could have done more and you didn't do anything. He should be held responsible, not the dogs. The dogs did what they were trained to do," said Brookman.

Waterloo police shot and killed one of the dogs on the scene.

According to Animal Control, the other two dogs are in quarantine until Thursday.

They are not sure what will happen to them after that, saying only that are in the process of working it out with the owners.

KWWL tried to contact the owner of the dogs and have been unsuccessful.

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