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Extra enforcement on roadways for holiday and Hawkeye traffic

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When the Hawkeyes play at home the Iowa State Patrol puts extra officers out on the roads.

"In this district we bring in help from the other surrounding districts to work traffic around the Iowa City area,at traffic control points around Kinnick Stadium, on the highways that lead into Iowa City," said Sgt. David Willis, Iowa State Patrol. "Then we'll do patrol before and after the game just for incidents as they arise."

This already existing enforcement means they're in good shape for Labor Day Weekend, a time when there are often many drunk drivers.

"Anytime you can put more boots on the ground it will help with patrol functions anywhere you do that," said Willis.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department is always busy when the Hawkeyes are home and will have a full staff on hand.

"Football games are busy in general. And they're well equipped and ready for it," said Sgt. Brad Kunkel, Johnson County Sheriff's Department.

Both agencies are always on alert for drunk drivers when the Hawks play at Kinnick, especially during a holiday. However, the thing that worries most officers this weekend is the hot forecast.

"As the temperature rises, so do maybe tempers," said Kunkel. "When you add in there a lot of alcohol over the weekend it can be kind of a bad combination."

"They're going to be hot," said Willis. "They're going to be tired and they're going to want to go home. That's when they're really going to have to focus on being safe and watching their driving."

If people aren't driving responsibly there will be plenty officers on the roads looking for them.

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