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Police offer tips when confronted with vicious dog


In light of Tuesday's pit bull attack, the Waterloo Police Department recommends people carry pepper spray to fend off dangerous dogs.

Director of Safety Services Dan Trelka said dangerous dogs can attack anywhere regardless of the dog's breed.

"The dynamics that make these situations bad is irresponsible owners because with dog ownership comes a certain amount of responsibility," said Trelka.

Trelka said last year, a small dog was attacked and killed by a pit bull, but that not all pit bulls are dangerous.

"Can pit bulls be dangerous? Yes they can under the right circumstances," he said.

But Trelka said the breed of dog is only half the equation.

"The other half is ownership," he said.

The Waterloo Police Department also encourages people to make sure they have appropriate fencing and restraints for their dogs to ensure others are safe.

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