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Two reported scams in Dubuque

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Dubuque Police and local financial institutions warn residents of two scams reported in the area.

Residents have reportedly taken phone calls claiming that their ATM card has been deactivated. They are then prompted to give out their bank information. Some of these calls appear to originate from a company or agency called “National Debt,” with a caller ID of 909-204-7750.

A second scam involves a phone call from a stranger claiming to represent Medicare. The caller typically asks for personal details like bank information and social security numbers.

“Regardless of the nature of the scam, preventative measures remain the same: always take time to verify the source and never provide money, account information and/or personal information to anyone unless you are absolutely positive the request is legitimate, and especially if the call, email or text was unsolicited and not initiated by you,” Dubuque Police said in a press release.

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