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Dress code debate: What is inappropriate?

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Cody Gefaller said he's ready for his senior year at South Winneshiek High School. But his first day of school threw him for a loop, all because he was wearing a cut-off t-shirt.

"They brought out a couple shirts and I'm like, 'Those ain't going to fit me,'" said Gefaller. "She's like, 'Well, you're going to have to change into something.'

"I offered to go to my pick-up, change clothes and come back to school. She said no, because that's against her policy," he added.

Gefaller decided to leave school that day and just go home. He said what he was wearing is comfortable to him, and his mom says she's OK with it.

"He's worn them last year, at the end of the year as well," said Elizabeth Reinert.

Superintendent Chris Hoover says he won't comment on the situation, but says the dress code shouldn't disrupt the school learning environment.

"You can deem things inappropriate as well, but it may not specifically be written into your policy because it's nearly impossible to write every possible scenario that could happen," said Hoover.

Hoover says teachers make the call when it comes to the dress code.

"Usually, when students are wearing things that are deemed inappropriate, they're given the opportunity to change their clothing," said Hoover.

Gefaller's mother thinks the system is unfair.

"The fact that these girls that run around the school wearing these short shorts that show their bottom side as well as anything else to the imagination -- and they're not being sent home to change," said Reinert.

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