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Dubuque Overpass for Obama's Impeachment

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On Saturday a group in Dubuque joined protesters across the nation in Overpass for Obama's Impeachment. The group held different signs along Highway 20 in Dubuque to get "honks" for President Obama's impeachment.

Monty Alexander lead the group in Dubuque on Saturday.

"That many people being exposed to at one time, that's why this is so important, he said." We are not being heard, we are not being listened to by the administration. This is not a Democrat or Republican thing, it's about the President of the United States. This is about Republicans that are not doing what they say they are going to, and also Democrats that are not doing what they say they are going to do. The entire administration is corrupt."

This is the second time a group from Overpass for Obama's Impeachment has gathered in Dubuque this summer. Alexander said he was a part of the first group in early august, he said the protesters received mixed reactions from the cars driving below.

"On August 6th, I would estimate probably about 75% honk ratio (of cars that passed by), he said. "I would say about 20% didn't do anything, and about 5% did some things that were inappropriate."

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