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15-year-old Braden Metz works to master yo-yoing

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15-year-old Braden Metz is hard to keep up with while he's yo-yoing. About four years ago, Braden Metz saw a yo-yo at a store and wanted to give it a try.

"My dad taught me a couple tricks. I looked on the Internet how to do more tricks, and I found this huge thing called yo-yoing," said Metz.

The first trick Metz learned was "rock the baby." He wanted to learn enough tricks to perform for his friends.

"There was a talent show coming up so that's when he decided his goal initially was just to have tricks to do to music for the talent show," said Carrie Metz.

After the talent show, Braden Metz continued yo-yoing, but then in middle school he decided to take a break.

Carrie Metz believes other kids not understanding her son's passion for yo-yoing and sometimes teasing him about it is one reason he wanted to take a break.

But Braden picked up the yo-yo again, comfortable with his talent.

"Now it's turning around, where those same kids are asking will you teach me tricks," said Carrie Metz.

The teen has competed once, but he hopes to start competing more regularly in about a year or so. His ultimate goal is to get sponsored by a yo-yo company.

To reach his goal, Metz practices at least one to two hours a day, and the question he gets asked most often...

"I can walk the dog," he said.

Carrie Metz said all the ceiling dents and nicks around the house are worth it to see her son pursuing one of his passions.

"It's fun to see him enjoy doing something so much," she said.

You can find videos of Braden and other yo-yoers on YouTube.

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