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Fareway Dietitian: Iowa State Fair Food

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The state fair only comes around once a year, so we all like to indulge. However, keep a few points in mind before, during and after the fair to keep fair food from sabotaging your health and wellness goals.

On average, foods at the state fair tend to have 500 to 1,000 calories per serving. Although you'll be walking all day, you won't burn off those extra calories

o For example, to burn off one caramel apple, you would have to walk 3.5 miles

o Corn dog = 4.5 miles

o Cheese fries = 4.5 miles

3,500 extra calories equals 1 pound of body fat

A few days before going to the fair: increase your physical activity, try to avoid "special occasion" foods (you'll get to enjoy plenty at the fair), stay hydrated, and don't skip meals

At the fair: choose one food to indulge, and stay hydrated.

o Women need 9 cups of fluid per day

o Men need 13 cups of fluid per day

Walk as much as you can. If you have special nutrition needs, you can visit www.iowastatefair.org/fair-attractions/food/ for food lists and gluten free options.

Some healthy options at the fair:

o Fruit on a stick

o Baked potatoes

o Corn on the cob

o Pork chops on a stick

o Turkey tenderloins

o Caramel apples

For a few days after the fair, keep exercising, try to eat very few processed foods.

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