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Urban chickens flock to Dubuque Rescue Mission

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Six chickens are now clucking their way around a plot of land in downtown Dubuque. The chickens are a part of the Dubuque Rescue Missions community garden located right behind the Canfield Hotel on Iowa street. On Monday the Dubuque City Council granted those chickens to the Dubuque Rescue Mission community garden. The garden is full of different vegetables and organic plants.

Patricia Kemner is a Program Manager at the Dubuque Rescue Mission.

"The garden teaches the (men at the mission) responsibility," she said. "It is amazing to see when they plant the seed, the first time the seed came up, the first time the seed grew fruit and then to take it up to the rescue mission and clean it and wash it for the meals."

The six chickens, Click, Clack, Scrambled, Hard Boil, Over Easy and Benedict are also organic. Kemner says their eggs will be used in meals at the rescue mission. But along with supplying eggs for the Dubuque Rescue Mission. Kemner hopes the chickens serve an educational tool for the public.

"We will be working with the kids at the mission, bringing them down here," she said. "We will also be bringing schools here to have them learn about chickens."

Shawn Edler is a volunteer with the Dubuque Rescue Mission. He says people have already stopped by to learn more about the chickens.

"We had three little kids come in today that had never seen a chicken in their life," he said. "We brought them down here and they got to pet them."

So far Kemner says the chickens have laid 12 eggs at their new location on Iowa street. She also says the chickens will help get rid of grub located in the grass and surrounding the garden. The Dubuque Rescue Mission plans to add a hydroponics greenhouse to their organic garden in September.

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