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Cedar Rapids neighborhood wants to see less crime on playground


There's some behavior on the playground that's worrying parents in the neighborhood surrounding Taylor Elementary School in Cedar Rapids.

"We don't want another ghetto," said Linda Coulibaly, who lives in neighborhood. "We want a safe environment. This is a public park and a public playground. We want to keep it a public playground and a public park."

People in the area say many of the kids causing problems don't live in the neighborhood.

"Our issue isn't that we don't want you here," said Coulibaly. "We will accept you here as long as you don't tear up our playground."

Tuesday a small group marched through the neighborhood just one day after more than 100 people showed up at a neighborhood meeting.

"We had an action plan last night where everyone could list what they thought would be a good way to improve the neighborhood and we're putting that together now," said Kathy Potts, Taylor Area Neighborhood Association President.

Cedar Rapids police say they've gotten calls for disturbances and have increased their presence in the area.

"The big concern is the disruption and you know, crime being committed by youth and young adults," said Wayne Jerman, Cedar Rapids Police Chief.  

For most of Tuesday night the area was pretty peaceful, until the officers left, and the walkers took their signs through the playground. Then there was shouting and even one person swinging his fists. Officers were quickly back on scene and the department is working with the Taylor Area Neighborhood Association to find ways to keep issues from happening.

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