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New scam circulating Dubuque could hit your mailbox

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Dubuque police are warning the public about a scam popping up in mailboxes throughout the area.

Some people in the area report getting a letter from Global Processing, Inc.

Dubuque woman Nancy Pfohl got such a letter and brought it into the police department Tuesday afternoon to report it. Her letter said she'd won $250,000 and came with a check for $4,686 to help pay for the so-called processing fee of $3,250.

"It sounded a little too good to be true to me, but it looked very authentic," Pfohl said. "I re-read it, and it just didn't sound quite right. I didn't remember buying a chance or a ticket."

She urged others to be leery of anything that raises even one red flag.

"Check it out before you send any money, and that's just what I'm doing," she said before heading into the Dubuque Law Enforcement Center. "I just don't think it's legitimate. It sounds wonderful, and I'd love to get a check for $4,685 for nothing, but I don't think it's real."

Upon checking with police, she said others had reported finding the same letter in their mailboxes, too.

Dubuque police lieutenant Scott Baxter said police encourage anybody who encounters a scam to report it to local law enforcement. He said scammers are hard to track down, as they're often out of state or even out of the country.

If a person cashes a scammer's bad check, he said, the victim may be liable for it, so he urges caution.

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