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Dubuque Police concerned new law will mean more drugs in Iowa


Dubuque police officers are concerned that a new law in Illinois will mean more drugs in Iowa. On Thursday, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill leading Illinois to be the 20th state to legalize medical marijuana. The bill is part of a four year pilot program. The program has very tough standards, but that's not easing fears for law enforcement.

Lt. Scott Baxter is the Public Information officer for the Dubuque Police Department.

"If a neighboring state, especially as close as we are to Illinois, passes a law like this it will un doubtfully impact us," he said."We will defiantly see an increase in marijuana possession."

The new law takes effect January 1st. The Dubuque Police Department says even though Illinois will allow legal medical marijuana use once the law is in effect, the state of Iowa still does not.

"It's simply illegal to posses. Depending on the quantity that you have you could be charged with intent to deliver as well," Baxter said. "Outright possession is illegal, possession of drug paraphernalia used to smoke marijuana is illegal as well."

Possession of marijuana in the state of Iowa is currently a misdemeanor charge. But that charge can change if you have the intent to deliver.

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