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Moms hold benefit for Manchester boy diagnosed with Wilms' tumor


Only 460 new cases of Wilms' tumor are diagnosed each year in the United States. Now, one is attacking an 8-year-old Manchester boy.

But a special group of moms from all over the United States have come together to help Jacob Fleshier and his family.

"It filled the left lung, and now the right lung too is full of fluids too, so the hospice had at one point early in this month said it could be any moment," said Mary Ken yon, Jacob's grandmother.

Jacob was diagnosed with a Wilms' tumor, a rare kidney cancer that primarily occurs in children.

"Many children can be cured of it, but unfortunately it can be very aggressive and often because there aren't any other signs other than the mass, by the time you find it it may already be out," said Dr. Cassandra Foe ns with the Covenant Cancer Treatment Center.

Two years ago, Jacob's mom found a lump on his stomach. Next came several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

"He went through a stem cell transplant, so they've brought out all the big guns," said Ken yon.

But Ken yon said the tumor kept coming back.

Throughout this time, Jacob's mom was on a clothing swap website and made a core group of friends.

They have since found each other on Facebook and kept in touch.

"We would swap some things around, but really we made a connection," said Beth Launches, Elizabeth Fleshier's friend. "We talked about family, friends, things going on in our lives, and since that date we have been there to support each other through everything."

Supporting Fleshier is what the group of moms are doing now, starting an online benefit in Jacob's name. On that site, users can bid on items and help raise money for a little boy who has touched so many lives at the age of eight.

"To live, that's the lesson we've learned from him is to live each day that we have," said Ken yon.

If you would like to bid on any items:

Monitary donations can be sent to:

Ben & Elizabeth Flesher – Jacob Benefit

F&M Bank, 101 E. Main Street Manchester, IA 52057

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