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Iowa City votes to close Hoover for more room at City High


The Iowa City School Board voted to close Hoover Elementary School during their Tuesday meeting to allow for expansion at Iowa City High School.

Though it won't happen for a few more years, parents and students were upset with the vote.

"I don't really want to lose any of my friends, and I like to play on the playground," said Lily Lumb, a Hoover student.

The six-year-old loves her school.

"I think Hoover is special because I can walk to school, and I like it because I don't really like to drive that much," said Lumb.

The move comes after months of review by a facilities master planning committee.

"I voted no," said Marla Swesey, school board president. "But I honestly think that this is probably the best move for the district for right now."

Armed with t-shirts and signs, parents spoke out for their children in hopes of keeping Hoover.

"The question must be asked -- why are we considering closing something that is actually working?" said Melanie Sigafoose, a parent.

Plenty of people pleaded with the board to keep the school open.

"It just seems really premature to decide to close a school before we really know if we're going to use the space," said A.J. Leman, a Hoover parent.

The board decided with a majority vote to close, saying they've received many supportive emails.

Now, parents wonder what's in the future for kids like Lily Lumb.

"Please do not close Hoover," Lumb said.

The school will not be closing right away. The board voted that it will not close anytime before the 2017-2018 school year, to give parents time to get used to the transition.

The board also voted to build new elementary schools and a third high school as part of the 10-year facilities master plan.

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